Vincent Noguchi


Born and raised in Toronto by two creative parents, Vince Noguchi found a passion in photography that quickly consumed his life. Starting early with his mother’s plastic point-and-shoot, Vince soon moved on to his dad’s beautiful old Kodak and then his very own Fuji 701. A darkroom followed, and a lifelong love grew into a full-time career capturing food, beverages and products.

Over the years, advertising, editorial and corporate clients have relied on Vince’s dedication to detail and his lighting. Never satisfied until the photograph feels just right, Vince reworks a shot until the composition and lighting mesh—results his many clients have come to appreciate.

Vince’s work has appeared in Food & Drink magazine, Foodland Ontario billboards, Subway, McCains, Bertoli, just to mention a few.

Client List
Food & Drink
Foodland Ontario
General Mills