Adrian Armstrong


In Adrian Armstrong’s 20 plus years as a photographer he has had the opportunity to lay his keen eye on many subjects.From big to small and shiny and dull Adrian has approached each shoot with a quiet confidence and intensely focused yet relaxed attitude that keeps his clients coming back.

Over the past few years Adrian has been splitting his time between stills and motion. He has brought the same appreciation and detail for lighting and composition to his directing projects that allowed him his successes as a stills photographer.

Clients include Canada Goose, IKEA, Le Creuset, Molson, Wisers, Hudson’s Bay,MADD, and Sephora to name a few.

Adrian Armstrong and his team treat every project like their own with a passion and enthusiasm that aim to exceed their clients expectations. Through collaboration , determination and a eagerness to learn and adapt to a changing industry he looks forward to all the many challenges yet to come.

Client List
Canada Goose
Mill Street
Le Creuset