Rob Fiocca


Toronto-based photographer/film director, Rob Fiocca is a storyteller at heart and a master of light. With a keen eye for composition, he’s spent his career exploring the symbiotic relationship between light and texture; creating poetic, intimate atmospheres that captivate viewers.  

Specializing in food, product, and interiors, Rob’s journey with stills took a natural progression towards directing about a decade ago, as his ever-growing curiosity for storytelling evolved. Approaching each frame as an opportunity to evoke emotion and intrigue within a fluid narrative.

Rob has developed an extensive body of work that reflects the way he sees beauty in the world. Working with all the major food commercial brands and top advertising agencies, he has gained international recognition and awards for his artful perspective on romancing the details of the everyday.

No matter the medium Rob is known for bringing his unique vision to every project, using his passion for design to collaborate with the creatives around him, pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Client List
General Mills
Del Monte